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Our WhatsApp Communication channel provides you with the following:

1. PARTICIPANT NOTES FOR ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES – Posted on the channel by 12:00pm (GMT) each Tuesday.

2. EVERYDAY WORD – Daily devotional messages and scriptures that will encourage you each day.

3. iNSPIRE – Inspiring messages brought to you each month.

4. WATERFALLS ONLINE INFORMATION – Helpful information and resources.

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We will not share any unhelpful information on this channel and kindly ask that you also refrain from posting messages, contents, videos, photos of any personal nature. Please be at liberty to exit the group at any time if you feel it no longer supports your spiritual growth. We welcome feedback to ensure we serve and enhance your online experience.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact Waterfalls Online Pastors:

Pastor Eunice Jubin +44 7881 931 940
Pastor William Callaghan +233 24 910 2334

Waterfalls Online Team