Senior Pastor

A Voice of Wisdom, Encouragement and Vision

Senior Pastor
K W E K U   O F O R I – D A D Z I E
Apostle Kweku Ofori-Dadzie is the founder and visionary of Waterfalls Church. Prior to his current role, he served for eighteen years in Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church (CCBC) in London UK where he was ordained as a minister and served in various roles including, Lead Pastor of CCBC Leyton and Director of Operations for the Calvary Group of Churches in UK, USA and Africa.
He furthered his training in church planting as a student of the Saddleback Leadership Academy, Saddleback Church, California USA. Under the leadership of Rev Eastwood Anaba of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, he would later receive a mantle and anointing as an apostle. 
His life purpose is to be known as a man who lived his life for God, helped to create a path for others to fulfil their mission through Christ and empower the body of Christ to be more effective in the work of Kingdom Advance. To his church he is a voice of wisdom, encouragement, vision and hope.
Apostle also serves as a member of the executive team at Eastwood Anaba Ministries under the leadership of Rev Eastwood Anaba. His primary role there is to provide leadership and mentorship in the ministry and oversee a team of programme and operations directors to deliver the ministry’s mission.
He enjoys immersing himself in a great book, watching talented musicians at work and watching his favourite sports stars perform, including Stephen Curry, Lewis Hamilton, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.


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