Welcome to Waterfalls

Embracing People & Changing Lives
Our Mission

Our mission is to Embrace and Enable People through Jesus Christ to serve in the Church and in the World. We are into community, outreach, prayer, worship, and doing life together.

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Our People

We are a group of friendly people, who love God, love each other and care for your needs. Jesus Christ is at the centre of everything we do because we know that life is never about us.

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Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are our convictions. The Bible is our guide to life, not only because it is good, but because it is true. There is one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

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Online Prayers and Bible Studies

Connecting People to Jesus and One Other

Online Bible Study

Tuesday: 7:30PM – 9:00PM (GMT)
Meeting ID: 771-771-0771  Password: Waterfalls

Let Us Pray

Monday – Thursday: 12:00PM – 2.00PM (GMT)
Meeting ID: 771-771-0771  Password: Waterfalls

Midnight Prayers

Fridays: 11:00PM – 1:00AM (GMT)
Meeting ID: 771-771-0771  Password: Waterfalls

Grow Your Faith

Building Habits That Draw You Closer to Christ
Daily Devotional

Daily devotional messages and scriptures that will encourage you, help you meditate and delight in the word of God, focus your mind each day and inspire your faith.

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Get to Know Jesus Christ

Knowing Jesus is about accepting him as your saviour and developing habits to grow. Learn to invite Christ into your life in four simple steps. Click on button below to learn more.

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Online Book Club

Inspiring books brought to you each month, that will fill you with the knowledge of God’s will, wisdom and spiritual understanding to help strengthen your faith.

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